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We are a team of educators of Mathematics, Physics, and Economics. Most of us have academic degrees and more than 10 years of teaching experience. We are inspired by motivated students and their desire to learn. We are proud of the achievements and stories of our students.

With us, you have the opportunity to:

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Be prepared for the admission

Our team specializes in guiding students through the Verbal and Quantitative sections of international exams including SSAT/ISEE, SAT, CAT, GRE, GMAT, and more. In addition to this, we offer practice entrance exams for these tests.

We also provide personalized preparation strategies for Mathematics, Physics, Economics, English, and German, tailored to individual goals.

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Receive academic support

If students encounter difficulties while studying we provide consultation and assistance in learning complex material. We have experience with various academic programs, such as Business Cases, Micro/Macro Economics, Calculus, Accounting, Marketing, Physics, Big Data, and more from the world's top educational institutions.

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Developing a Corporate Training Strategy

Courses such as Math and Logics, Crossfit for the Brain, Foundation Programme for Management, Economics, Business and Finance, Math for Business, Life and Social Sciences, The Theory of Probability and Statistics, and Economics allow employees to maintain their English language skills and develop critical thinking and worldview.
We are proud of our partnerships with companies such as PrivatBank, Owox, Sitecore, and 908, and their employees who have benefited from our training programs.

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What makes us different?

We offer classes that are really interesting for your children. 

Teaching Experience

We have been providing English language instruction to students through various projects since 2009. Our educators hold PhDs in Mathematics, Economics, Physics and consistently strive for further learning and skill development.


Understanding foreign educational institution programs

We have analyzed over 270 curricula from various academic disciplines across global educational institutions, enabling us to understand the logic, goals, and objectives of teaching methods.


Openness, collaboration, and accountability

These are our teaching standards. We pay special attention to the goals of our students and work together to achieve them.


We provide study materials

We have everything you need for effective learning - up-to-date books, manuals, videos, and apps..



We pay attention to students' feedback on their classes and are flexible in responding to their wishes.


We value your time

We value your time and understand that studying/work/family require a lot of attention, so we create a schedule that is convenient for you.



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Ann Nikitiuk

I received tutoring from Happy in Study while I was preparing to apply to the University of Amsterdam. The teachers were friendly, had a great sense of humor, and possessed a strong grasp of the subjects. Throughout my studies, I reached out to them for assistance with economics and mathematics.

I highly recommend Happy in Study to those who are planning to apply to a foreign university or are currently studying but encountering difficulties in certain subjects. I want to express my gratitude to the instructors at Happy in Study for helping me gain admission to and complete my studies at the University of Amsterdam.


Polina Gorb


I want to show my appreciation to the teachers for their professionalism and excellent delivery of the material, which has a very logical and clear structure. Each lesson was informative and helpful! The instructors are attentive to their students' needs.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs comprehensive preparation for exams in mathematics and economics!

October 28, 2021


Kateryna Protasova

Simply wonderful!! The instructor helped me understand mathematics from the basics and significantly improve my level of knowledge👍🏼👍🏼 She was very patient and always supportive. I highly recommend Happy in Study 100%.

August 11, 2020