About the course


Learning takes place online

20 lessons

The course covers basic topics necessary for the mathematics section of international exams.


The instructor communicates individually with students in the course classroom and monitors the progress of each student's learning.


Our instructors select tasks that are interesting to discuss with like-minded community members.

Trekking of the results

Homework is checked by the instructor, and a report on the student's strengths is formed through result tracking


You will have full access to lessons and course materials. You can study at your convenience.

 For whom?

курс математики для вступу закордон

For those who plan to study in English speaking programs 

The course will help you master new vocabulary, learn to interact in English, and engage in discussions.

підготовка до sat

For those who preparing for international exams

The course covers all the topics necessary for English exams such as SSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT.


For those who interested in the practical aspect of mathematics:

Real-world math problems

During the course, we:

We demonstrate the applied nature of mathematics

We take into account the peculiarities of teaching mathematics in English-language programs

We enhance proficiency in the English language

We master the terminology

We develop mathematical skills and logic

We teach how to choose the best strategies for problem-solving

Stages of learning in the course:



Introduction and Orientation: You get to know the instructor and your fellow students. You attend online lectures and study the materials independently.


Communication and Feedback:

 You actively participate in task discussions and consult with the instructor.


Final Test and Certificate

You take a test and receive a certificate upon completion


Report and Consultation

We analyze your learning process and the results of the final test. We offer consultation regarding the choice of specialization in the international study program.

The price of the course

198 USD

includes 20 sessions and full access to the materials


Thanks for you feedback


Ann Nikitiuk

I received tutoring from Happy in Study while I was preparing to apply to the University of Amsterdam. The teachers were friendly, had a great sense of humor, and possessed a strong grasp of the subjects. Throughout my studies, I reached out to them for assistance with economics and mathematics.

I highly recommend Happy in Study to those who are planning to apply to a foreign university or are currently studying but encountering difficulties in certain subjects. I want to express my gratitude to the instructors at Happy in Study for helping me gain admission to and complete my studies at the University of Amsterdam.


Polina Gorb


I want to show my appreciation to the teachers for their professionalism and excellent delivery of the material, which has a very logical and clear structure. Each lesson was informative and helpful! The instructors are attentive to their students' needs.

I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs comprehensive preparation for exams in mathematics and economics!

October 28, 2021


Kateryna Protasova

Simply wonderful!! The instructor helped me understand mathematics from the basics and significantly improve my level of knowledge👍🏼👍🏼 She was very patient and always supportive. I highly recommend Happy in Study 100%.

August 11, 2020